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Learn about our city and church.....


Idledale is quiet, unincorporated village tucked just east of Denver in the foothills. It’s often overlooked on the drive between Evergreen and the Front Range, via Morrison.

There’s not much in town by ways of commerce. Situated at 6,466 feet in the rolling foothills, Idledale provides a slice of mountain life within the metropolitan area of Denver. The town’s zip code at its post office is 80453. The population in 2010 was only 252. It resides in Jefferson County.



Up until 1933, the town was originally known as Starbuck Heights. Then a storm hit that year, renaming the town to Idledale after the rebuild. Small town near the city: post office, fire house, school house. School house converted to church plant in 1971. devoted to making fully devoted followers of christ since then.

What is now a church, was originally a school house. Pastor Mary and her late husband Pastor Jack founded Idledale Church almost 50 years ago. On more than one occasion, late past Jack was quoted saying, "I don't know why Idledale, just that this is where God has called us...."

Leadership passed on to their grandson, Will Strotz...

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